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The overall layout and usability of the site is obviously important but the way it looks is equally as important.

At Whatever Enterprises we design complete sites from links to animated graphics but then if you already have a site, then we also design logos, buttons, icons, and banners. Maybe you want a themed site, well Spidered Web has the ability.

What kind of Web Graphics can we do?

In all shapes and sizes we can created a varied style of logos, icons, banners and cartoons

  • Logos
    Whether you are creating your own simple site or having a site professionally designed then a good logo is essential for giving the best first image. This could be the difference from users staying at your site or clicking straight away. From main company logo, logo for promotional campaign or logo variations for different themes.
  • Icons and Buttons
    Whether you want a click here button or navigation icons we can design a varied range of small graphics for any purpose. We can make versions for rollover or animated to grab site users attention.
  • Banners
    From a small 120x60 banner to a large 120x600 banner then we can design colourful, effective and attention grabbing banners. We can add cartoon images, stylised graphics and animation with the aim to get your banner clicked.
  • Cartoons and Illustrations
    When building a website - Content is King! Also relevant keywords, descriptions and other optimised techniques helps you to get high listings in relevant search results.
  • Gif Animation
    Animated graphics will always grab attention compared to none animated. Whether it is just a simple flashing "Apply Here" banner or graphic showing a products, service or process then animation can be very effective

These are just a few of the web graphics we have created:

Web Logosweb graphics

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