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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

You may have seen those spam emails claiming to get you to the top of Google or you have seen sites at the top of search engines and wondered why they are there.

The term Search Engine Optimisation can be split into 2 elements; Internal SEO and External SEO:

  • Internal SEO - The process of changing and enhancing elements of your website to improve its listing in search engine results. If you are not on the first few pages of Search Engine's Organic Listings for your keywords and your site is over 6 months old then it is likely to be that your site isn't optimised to its full potential.
  • External SEO - This entails creating links, articles and directories linking to your site on keywords relevant to your sector

All Internal SEO is completed on every new website design or redesign as standard. Why create a website that as little or no chance of good listings.

How to see if your site has been optimised?

If you currently have a website and in contains some or all of the below then you will definitely see the difference with changes we carry out whether it is a full redesign or minor optimisation changes and sometimes a redesign might even cost less than the original brochure type website you had designed by your Graphic Designer.

  • Same title for every page or no title (see top left hand corner of your web browser -
    This pages title is Search Engine Optimisation from Spidered Web...
  • Graphic navigation
  • No Sitemap
  • The text is graphics
  • Full Flash Site with nice swirly graphics but little else
  • No Alt tags or Title tags on images
  • Site can't get fully spidered
  • and much more...

If you don't currently have a website then you can benefit straight away by paying only once for an effective website that will be optimised and made for the job whether it is an information site or virtual salesman.

Every optimised website we design has:

All the below elements are entwined into every new website design or redesign as standard as we don't create a website that has little or no chance of good listings.

  • Optimised page titles different for every page
  • Relevant Meta keywords and descriptions
  • CSS based Navigation fully spiderable
  • Alt Tags on all images
  • Rich keyword relevant content
  • Sitemaps
  • Online enquiry Forms if required
  • Professional looking graphics
  • Designed to be fully spiderable for better listings in search engines

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