Web Design Nottingham - a spidered web is a wonderful thing...

Whatever Enterprises

Whatever Enterprises' creative juices have been distilled over the years to produce a distinctive style and service.

The internet revolution is now fully integrated into our culture and there aren't many things you can't do online through a website (www). You can buy anything online (ecommerce), sort out your tv license, view company websites, find out in depth information on any subject, chatting to the world, listening to music and watching videos and much, much more...

We have designed websites ranging from 1 or 2 page personal websites and small to medium business websites to Actinic based eCommerce sites. The sites are designed to be people and search engine friendly. We concentrate on simple easy to use websites rather than fancy flash brochure sites or complex database driven sites and all search engine optimised as standard.

Web Design

Websites designed to look professional whilst keeping a simple look. All sites we design are optimised, people friendly and search engine friendly.

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Search Engine Optimisation

All the websites we design are optimised to be search engine friendly giving the website the best chance of gaining high search results.

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eCommerce is a term for an Online marketplace and we design online shops to be used on the Actinic eCommerce platform.

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